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Lifting & The Law


The use and maintenance of lifting and moving gear is strictly controlled by law. It is up to the user to ensure that he/ she understands and complies with the relevant legislation. When you hire from Lift & Shift you can rest assured that every item of equipment is inspected or tested and certified in accordance with current statutory requirements and relevant practices.

LIFTING GEAR (known in the Act as lifting tackle)

For ItemsTestingThorough Examination
Chains, Chain slings, Rings, Hooks, Shackles, Swivels (and similar items omitted from legislation eg. eyebolts, turnbuckles) Before taking into use and after repair    After proof testing and every 6 months
Wire ropes, Wire rope slings Before taking into use a sample of the rope tested to destruction and the breaking load recorded After proof testing where applicable and every 6 months
Fibre ropes, Fibre rope slings (and all textile based slings omitted from the legislation eg. webbing slings, roundslings) Before taking into use a sample of the material and/or sling tested to destruction and the breaking load recorded Every 6 months

LIFTING APPLIANCES (known in the Act as cranes & other lifting machines)

For ItemsTestingThorough Examination
All lifting machines (and similar items omitted from the legislation eg. runways, jacks)  Before taking into use and after repair  After proof testing and every 14 months


For selection of the most appropriate equipment for your task, the following information should be checked prior to hire:

  • Maximum weight of load to be lifted or pulled.
  • Height of lift or rope length required.
  • Suspension or anchorage point to be used.
  • Beam section type (if relevant to point above).
  • Frequency of use of hired equipment.
  • Will test certificate be required on site?
  • Description and dimensions of load.
  • Location where equipment is to be used.
  • Adverse conditions (e.g. Extremes of temperature, humidity or corrosive atmosphere)
  • Will hired equipment be attached to or used in conjunction with We Hire equipment?
  • Should accessories be considered to assist the equipment application.
  • If you have any doubts or queries about your obligations for the safe use of hired equipment call We Hire on 01633 533222